STOP Taking Useless Swings Off The Tee

Learn How To Stay Inside The Ball & Create Proper Bat Path With A Revolutionary Tee...

Benefits Of CamWood Training Tees
Revolutionizing The Way You Train By Eliminating USELESS Swings In The Cage
I Am Going To Let You In On A Little Secret...
The MOST IMPORTANT aspect to hitting is...
Our training tees allow you to screw a flexible rod into the back of the tee base and the objective is to STAY INSIDE of the rod, which promotes staying INSIDE THE BALL!
Most players today have a bad habit of coming around the ball.  With our training tees, if they come around the ball they will now hit the rod giving them INSTANT feedback.
NO MORE just placing a ball on a tee and taking USELESS swings!  Every swing now has a PURPOSE and will teach you how to stay INSIDE THE BALL and develop proper bat path!

Does This Look Similar To YOUR Hitting Tee?

You Know What Would Be AMAZING...?!?

If You Could Just Replace The Rubber Ball Set Instead Of Having To Buy A BRAND NEW TEE!

Get Your Personal Logo Engraved Into The Tee Base!!
We Can Engrave Team Logos, Academy Logos, Player Name & Number...ANYTHING!
Professional/College Teams
High Schools/Training Academies

What Better Way To Promote Your Brand, Academy, Or Team By Having YOUR Logo In The Middle Of The Tee Base...

Insider Tee
Comes With (As Pictured Above):
  •  Standard Stem 
  • Insider Rod

Just $99.95

Just $99.95

Drill Pro Tee
Comes With (As Pictured Above):
  •  Standard Stem
  • Insider Rod
  • ​Low Ball Stem
  • ​Hi Tee Adapter

Just $129.95

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